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Experience the bloom!

Our goal is to share with you when the farm is in its glory. When? In June, when the lavender is in bloom, just before the harvest. The farm also welcomes you around the winter holiday season, too! More than anything, our greatest ambition is to create wonderful memories for you and your loved ones through enjoyable experiences on the farm. Sign up for Lavender Letters at the bottom of the page, and we’ll send you an official invite to our special events.

Modern life is hectic and many folks have become detached from the community, one another and the land. With this in mind, our aim is to create lasting memories through educational (and enjoyable!) opportunities as we share our home, this lovely farm, with you.

When you visit in June, we will guide you on a farm tour. In the field, you’ll learn all about growing lavender, and in the barn you’ll get to see the swallow’s nest in the eaves and where the lavender dries in the heat of the loft. Meander through the kitchen garden that abundantly supplies the family with fruits and veggies and listen for the gleeful clucking from the Poultry Palace when our gals hop from their cozy spots revealing eggs in shades of green or brown. Then, there are the pollinators, the front line of our food system. See the busy beehives, hear the hummingbirds flitter and chirp, and watch the butterflies frolic about, all tipsy from the sweet lavender.

Here at sunshine lavender farm, you will capture a unique opportunity to learn, to connect, to relax. Who knew that you could achieve all of this on a small and simple lavender farm?


When exactly does lavender bloom on the farm?

The lavender on our farm is some of the first to bloom in the United States. Every year is a bit different, yet typically lavender is blooming just before Memorial Day, sometimes earlier, and blooms nicely through July 4th. Some years, the first lavender blooms of the season are spent by the end of June. Most lavender peaks in mid-June in North Carolina.


Does lavender bloom twice?

Sometimes lavender will bloom a second time in the fall. Now, this will not be as abundant a show as in June. In our field, it is oftentimes the varieties that bloom the earliest, such as Hidcote, that give us the fall show. If the plant is harvested at peak bloom, when the first flowers begin to open, and the foliage is sheared back some at the same time, in September, there is a colorful and fragrant surprise.


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