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Our number one priority is exceeding your expectations with beautiful lavender bouquets! When in bloom, (toward the end of May through June, only) we offer lavender freshly-cut right to you (either overnighted or available for pickup at the farm), and from our latest harvest, preserved lavender is available all year round.


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Sylvie SmilesChoosing Lavender for Your Wedding

As the herb that symbolizes devotion, joy and luck, lavender is perfect for weddings and celebrations. Choose lavender for simple country weddings and more formal affairs.

Lavender is very easy to work with and we suggest using your floral designer or a friend to manage the flowers. Check out Pinterest! The ideas are endless. We only sell lavender bouquets, which are no-frills bunches of lavender. Its up to you to turn something beautiful into something even more beautiful!


Accepting reservations for 2021 Fresh Lavender now.

Lavender blooms about May 25 – June 25.

Very full, fresh lavender bouquets from our farm. 

The lavender on our farm is some of the first to bloom in the United States. Every year is a bit different, yet typically lavender is blooming usually just before Memorial Day, sometimes earlier, and blooms nicely through the end of June. Most lavender peaks in mid-June in North Carolina. To give you an idea, the fresh bouquet the flower girl holds in the photo is two bunches of very full, peak blooming lavender and about 350-400 stems of this variety. From early season to late season, the lavender varies,  some with more petite, darker blooms and shorter stems in the early season (photo above) and medium lavender colored, larger blooms on longer stems, later in the season, so stem count will vary. The crown requires about 100 stems of lavender to create. Each fresh lavender bunch is $39.95. Overnight shipping is required and is in addition to the investment of fresh lavender. Please see the chart below to estimate shipping costs to your region of the country.

Fresh lavender must be overnighted to you or picked up at the farm. Exact cost for shipping will be calculated for you once the reservation is made and a pre-invoice is emailed to you from the farm. The table below will give you an idea of what to expect.



Preserved Lavender PreservedBouquetsBouquets

Many brides who love lavender and their wedding dates fall before or after lavender bloom season will choose to use preserved lavender bouquets. Preserved lavender is just as lovely and sweetly scented, just different!

If preserved lavender is the choice, hefty bouquets may be purchased at any time. The scent and color may last 3 years or more, gradually fading over time. Each preserved lavender bouquet is made up of approximately 400-500+ stems comprised of 4-6 six mini bunches (bundled during the most recent harvest) of anywhere from 50 – 100 lavender stems per mini bundle and is $39.95 regular U. S. Postal Service shipping. The farm pledges to offer full and consistent bouquets with the #1 priority of exceeding your expectations. Preserved lavender may also ship with lots of time to finish the floral pieces for the wedding. Because preserved lavender is much lighter weight than fresh lavender, carefully packaged, shipping USPS Priority works fine. Choosing preserved lavender bouquets is a more affordable alternative to fresh bouquets, which require overnight shipping.


Bunches, Bouquets, or Bundles?

On the farm and in our descriptions, you will see all of these terms to describe our fresh lavender. Fresh lavender (bunches, bouquets or bundles) are one in the same. Fresh, fragrant, soothing and lovely fresh lavender at its peak for color, scent and beauty collected together with a rubber band. Lavender stem diameter measures differently from variety to variety. Some lavender stems are very fine and some are thick and rigid, like lumber!

With this in mind, put your thumb and longest finger together to make a circle. This is about the diameter of the collected stems, no matter the variety, that make up a bunch, bouquet or bundle. Your fresh lavender will arrive ready to be created into finished lavender items for your special celebration or event.


What? It’s not about stem count?

Really! It is not about stem counts! Because lavender has several bloom stages, it is much better for all involved for you to receive great big generous sweetly scented fresh and lovely bouquets for your special event or wedding than to worry about counting stems.

The glory of working with our small family farm is that we go to great lengths to understand your vision and make sure that you are more than pleased with the result. Every single bride that we have worked with makes this exclamation, be it a local bride who cuts lavender directly from our field, or the one far away who receives it from her Fed Ex driver (who, by the way loves driving about with our lavender in his truck. One fella was sad to deliver to one bride – and told her so!!).

With all of this in mind, if you are looking for stunning and super fragrant lavender bunches that you will receive on budget and on time with exceptional service, choose to work with our North Carolina farm!


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Limited season of availability for fresh lavender is about May 25 – June 25.


Shipping Info

Fresh lavender does not enjoy being cooped up in a box for more than a day! In order for the lavender to arrive for your special event in beautiful shape, overnight shipping is required. Please order a two bouquet minimum to receive best shipping rates. Shipping is in addition to the cost of the fresh lavender.

FedEx handles all of our deliveries, and overnight shipping fees are determined based on destination. The table to the left will help you estimate the shipping costs, or you can go to for a more exact estimate. Estimate 1 lb. per bouquet, from our zip code (27278) to your home or destination.

Ready to place a fresh lavender order? First, begin the conversation with the farm. You may find it helpful to fill out the Lavender for Weddings form on the Contact page. Together, we will determine the number of bunches needed, based on your vision. After the quantity is figured out, a reservation is made in the form of a pre-invoice to include all of the details with full payment due two weeks prior to date of delivery.

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Fill out the Lavender for Weddings form on the Contact page.


How do I care for fresh lavender once it’s received?

  • Once received, immediately refrigerate.
  • Do not place the fresh lavender in water. Doing so just contributes to the flowers quickly falling off of the stem.
  • Place in a cool spot out of direct sunlight until the event.


To Preserve Fresh Lavender

Wedding arrangements placed in a dry location, away from direct sun, will gradually dry as a keepsake in about 10 days.

For the home gardener, place lavender stems or bunches in an upright container, loosely, or bundle about 100 stems with string or ribbon and suspend the bunches of lavender up-side-down in a hot, dry location for 10-14 days. Lavender bouquets are lovely and fragrant all year long! Just spritz preserved bouquets with water, place in a steamy bath, or rub the florets to release the sweet scent. Fragrance and color can last for years!


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